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Residential Installation

A residential installation provides solar-powered electricity to a single family home or a small residential building. Usually, it consists mainly of solar panels, an inverter(s), and a battery system(s). Combined, this solar system work together to generate, store, and distribute electricity within the residential building. The purpose of this type of installation is to reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the centralized grid, reducing running cost on energy.
Within a residential installation, there are basic systems that simply provide for lights and appliances, and also large, complex systems to fully provide electricity for the whole building perpetually.

Mini - Grid Installation

Solar Mini-Grids are decentralized electrical grids powered by solar energy sources. They are mostly designed to render electricity to remote rural communities that are not connected to the centralized electrical grid.
These projects help provide a reliable source of electricity to areas that would have otherwise been without power, and as a result, mini-grids can have a huge impact on the quality of life for people living in communities that are not connected to the main electrical grid. A Solar Mini-Grid in a remote rural area will power the use of electrical appliances, lightening, and other mini services that require electricity within the community.

Commercial Installation

Commercial installations provide electricity sourced from solar energy to businesses, commercial buildings, and other non-residential facilities like laboratories, factories, etc. They typically consist of solar panels, inverters, and other components as required. Like other installations, their purpose is to generate, store, and distribute electricity, but on a much larger scale than residential installations.
They are similar to residential installations, but they can power multiple buildings used for the same purpose in a closely connected area, helping businesses meet sustainability goals and improve their overall reputation with general stakeholders.